The Life of Hawk & Akatsuki

A Hawk & Akatsuki RP which takes place where the manga is now. You can create a canon Hawk or Akatsuki character, make up your own, or create family of Hawk & Akatsuki. The characters must be in Akatsuki & Hawk or are related to them.
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 Yuna Raikia

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PostSubject: Yuna Raikia   Yuna Raikia EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 9:34 am

Name: Yuna Raikia

Age: 22

Rank: S Rank Sannin
Looks: Wears A Black Headband with a red cloud on it. He Wears a akatsuki cloak like most akatsuki members. Has black shoes with clouds on them. He has a machine attached to his arms under the akatsuki cloak. He has hair resemebling Itachi its black and very dark.

Village: Star Village

Likes capturing Bijuu
Dislikes nearly everything

Info: He is a s-ranked Akatsuki member with dangerous but not looking dangerous jutsus some forbidden. Yuna knows 2 elements his two elements are fire and water. He was born without a father his mother dieing from an deadly disease. Yuna made his ability unique and special in the star village he became an akatsuki member after a member saw his abilities and the leader made him one. After he became a member he captured some bijuu and that became his favourite thing to do he was a sannin for skills and power.
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Yuna Raikia
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